Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

We are delighted to announce that we will be bringing in this much requested album; the original soundtrack to Hollow Knight! We have also included a lovely article about the game from our friends at SuperJump, happy reading :) 

Pre-orders are now open and we expect to ship these by the end of next month!

Hollow Knight Original Soundtrack 2xLP

Ghost Ramp's 2-LP release of Christopher Larkin's original Hollow Knight soundtrack features 26 tracks pressed on two picture discs. Now you can pick it up in our Hollow Knight collection, alongside their Gods & Nightmares LP. Each copy comes with a download code printed on a card inside the jacket.

Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares Original Soundtrack LP

Venture to the farthest reaches of Hallownest with an all-new collection of 15 epic tracks from Ghost Ramp. Meet fallen kings, gallant knights and ancient gods in this powerful, orchestral collection that brings together all Christopher Larkin's additional tracks from Hollow Knight and features an entirely new arrangement, Pale Court.


Getting Lost (by Design) in Hollow Knight

I know I’m late to the Hollow Knight party myself, but if anyone out there still hasn’t played this magical arthropod adventure, do yourself a favor and fall into Hallownest — you won’t regret it. And you do fall into it literally and otherwise; over 40 or so hours, as I descended down Hollow Knight’s subterranean realm of rain-soaked cities, cavernous sewers, and verdant gardens, so did my mind sink into perfecting its laser-precise combat system, deciphering its blink-and-miss story moments, and unravelling its interconnected worlds.

The premise of Hollow Knight is simple and light on exposition. You’re a small skull-faced wraith armed with a nail and charged with exploring the decaying, sparsely inhabited kingdom of Hallownest where something has clearly gone wrong. And Team Cherry certainly kept the theme of exploration as a guidepost while designing the game. Here’s Ari Gibson, co-director of Team Cherry in an interview with PC Gamer:

"A lot of these decisions we’re making, a lot of the scale and the rooms we build, all of it’s built around this sense of discovery. Exploration and discovery."
In this story, I’ll be looking at how Hollow Knight crafts a navigation system that stays true to these themes of exploration and discovery by making players earn their progress in areas that are taken for granted in other games.
If you'd like to read the rest of this article, please visit our friends at SUPERJUMP.