Delphine & Sunsoft

Delphine & Sunsoft

we are pleased to kick off the weekend with 2 brand new Evercade Cartridges! Introducing Delphine Software and Sunsoft to the Evercade family...
Pre-orders are now open, with an expect shipping date of 28 September 2023!

Delphine Collection 1 - Evercade Cartridge

Get ready to experience the golden age of Amiga gaming like never before with the Evercade Delphine Collection 1 cartridge! This incredible collection brings together four of the most iconic and beloved Amiga games of all time - Future Wars, Operation Stealth, Another World, and Flashback.

Sunsoft Collection 1 - Evercade Cartridge

Introducing the Sunsoft Collection 1 for Evercade which includes Blaster Master Boy, Aero the Acro-Bat, Journey to Silius, and Arabian - each offering its own unique style of gameplay and challenges. From the acrobatic thrills of Aero the Acro-Bat to the sci-fi action of Journey to Silius, there's something for every retro gaming fan in this collection.