Sword & Sworcery (Super Deluxe Edition)

by iam8bit

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The soundtrack for Sword & Sworcery: The Ballad of the Space Babies is LEGENDARY, and that is thanks to the LEGEND himself, other-dimensional composer, Jim Guthrie.

That’s actually an understatement, because the fact is – this dreamy, ephemeral synth-rock journey of an album is responsible for inspiring an entire generation of videogame music. When Guthrie self-published the epic tunes from Sword & Sworcery on vinyl in 2011, the collection wasn’t complete. FINALLY – eight years later – this 2xLP “Super Deluxe Edition” presents, for the first time, the full soundtrack + an additional 40 minutes of bonus tracks and remixes + a mindblowing, glow-in-the-dark playset of a package. Made with moon magic and kissed with cosmic dust.


  • Sylvanian Sprite Glow-in-the-Dark Gatefold Jacket
  • Moon Phase Slipmat
  • Complete Score and Bonus Tracks by Jim Guthrie
  • Remixes by Doseone, scntfc, c418, Sam Webster, Jessica Mak, Lena Raine, and Jim Guthrie
  • Album Art By Drew Wise
  • Poster by Scott Benson
  • Includes Digital Download