Star Stories LP - A Tribute to Super Mario Galaxy

Star Stories LP - A Tribute to Super Mario Galaxy


Like us, many of you will have incredibly fond memories of Super Mario Galaxy. Released in 2007, Nintendo once again surprised (and delighted) us all with a brand new take on their beloved franchise. It felt like a  brand new experience with gorgeous visuals, unbelievable gravity mechanics and a magical new universe to explore. 

Most importantly, it was full of the Mario magic of old; making it one of the most fun and satisfying games to play. We were delighted when it came to the Switch via Super Mario 3D All-Stars. 

Today, it is truly our honour to bring you this loving tribute album to Super Mario Galaxy. Star Stories LP is a whimsical, magical interpretation of this soundtrack and is now available to pre-order on vinyl format. 

Check it our here

**This is estimated to ship in early January 2022.