Chocobo & Chill LP

Chocobo and Chill LP

Immerse yourself in this unique musical journey, and enjoy an instrumental hip-hop tribute to some of the most iconic Final Fantasy tracks. The Chocobo & Chill soundtrack is an exceptional music collection and is in-stock now and available for immediate delivery!

The Chocobo & Chill soundtrack is an impressive creation, featuring a wide range of tracks that are sure to delight Final Fantasy fans. The music has been skillfully crafted to provide a soothing and relaxed listening experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Chocobo & Chill features fifteen of Nobuo Uematsu’s beloved Final Fantasy tracks flipped and remixed by beat-maker Rifti Beats and taking inspiration from the Super Nintendo’s Final Fantasy VI and the Playstation era Final Fantasy VII - X.

The album begins with “The Prelude” and “Chocobo” — two iconic tunes found throughout the Final Fantasy series, making their first appearances on the NES. Homages to “Final Fantasy VII” follow, with a gentle rendition of its main theme from pianist PianoDreams. Fans of Final Fantasy 7 will also appreciate the sweet and melancholy “Aerith’s Theme”, and the iconic “Victory Fanfare”.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Magical and nostalgic vibes continue with Final Fantasy IX’s “Crossing Those Hills” & “Village of Dali”.
Standouts from Final Fantasy X also appear; fan-favorite "To Zanarkand", best known for appearing in Final Fantasy’s world touring orchestral show Distant Worlds. Acoustic track "Sight of Spira" (also known as Spira Unplugged) take the form of an acoustic guitar duet, and "Tidus's Theme" featuring brass and instrumentation from Pontus Holtgren.