Undertale on Piano (Series 88) 2xLP

by iam8bit

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iam8bit & Materia Collective unveil an ongoing vinyl collection dubbed Series 88 with their first waxy effort for the collection being Undertale on Piano.

Produced by David Peacock & performed by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, these songs are meticulously recorded to capture the score’s vibrant tones as intended by Toby Fox and then rearranged for a piano performance.

Featuring exclusive vinyl album art from Andy deGiulio, the Series 88 aesthetic follows the principles of minimalist design popular in the 50s and 60s, evoking a times, classic essence. 

This record has been fully mastered to the highest quality.


  • Record label: iam8bit
  • Music by Toby Fox, arranged by David Peacock & performed by Augustina Mayuga Gonzales
  • Album Art by Andy deGiulio
  • 2 x LP on "LV" (stands for Love) coloured vinyl

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