Undertale Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

by Fangamer

$159.95 AUD

Pre-order item, shipping from 28 May 2021 onwards

Shipping within Australia from $12.95

This is a pre-order for the second press which will not ship until Mid-May 2021!

This massive 5-LP box set is the perfect way to hear the complete UNDERTALE soundtrack all over again, from "1. Once Upon A Time" all the way to... "109. Dog Dating."

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  • 109 tracks, curated by Toby Fox and newly remastered for vinyl
  • Filled with beautiful new illustrations by Kaori Takizawa
  • Liner notes by Toby Fox, Alex Rosetti, Kaori Takizawa, and Go Ichinose (Game Freak)
  • Includes a bonus holographic sticker