The Cat Lady Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

by Stumpy Frog Records

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Rem Michalski’s horror masterpiece follows Susan Ashworth’s journey through hell and back, accompanied by the eclectic and atmospheric music of Michał ‘micAmic’ Michalski.

In collaboration with Harvester Games and composer Michał Michalski, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to The Cat Lady on wax for the first time ever. 

Taken from the second game in Rem Michalski’s ‘The Devil Came Through Here’ trilogy, The Cat Lady’s moody soundtrack punctuates the nightmarish fantasy world in which protagonists Susan Ashworth and Mitzi Hunt are trapped during their battle against 5 inhuman ‘parasites’.


  • The Cat Lady OST
  • First pressing on 2LP gatefold
  • This double LP spans a total of 29 tracks from the video game
  • Hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies