Tänzer - SEGA Mega Drive Cartridge

by Mega Cat Studios

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This game is Region Free. It works in JP, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM regions.

Tänzer is a new hack and slash platformer game, produced exclusively for the SEGA Mega Drive. 

From the Old West to Ancient Rome, challenge yourself through the fast-paced pixels Tanzer has to offer.  Become the last survivor of an interstellar plague while you crush enemies, grab loot, and transform with transmutational powers.

The game can be best described as being a horizontally scrolling, full on action hack and slash platformer. The design influences is taken from games like Strider, Osman and Hagane to artists like Keita Amemiya and Roger Dean and to anime series such as Guyver.

Tanzer is not licensed, sponsored, published, or endorsed by SEGA Enterprises Ltd, SEGA Corporation, SEGA Holdings Co, or their affiliates.