Streets of Rage Video Game Vinyl Soundtrack

by Data Discs

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The original soundtrack to the classic SEGA game, newly remastered in collaboration with legendary composer, Yuzo Koshiro.

Packaged in original artwork sourced from the SEGA archives and produced in a 180g Translucent Red Vinyl.

The audio was sourced from the original NEC PC-88 files, recorded and supplied in 32bit/96kHz by Yuzo Koshiro, in combination with a 32bit/96kHz direct capture from a Mega Drive console (HD, VA4, non-TMSS) Yamaha YM2612 sound chip, running at 60Hz through a stereo output mod.


Record Label: Data Discs

Composer: Yuzo Koshiro

  • Pressed on 180g translucent red vinyl, with traditional OBI strip and 2 x lithographic prints featuring artwork from the Japanese and US/EU editions of the game

Track List

A1. The Street of Rage / A2. Player Select / A3. Fighting in the Street / A4. Attack the Barbarian / A5. Dilapidated Town / A6. Moon Beach / A7. Keep the Groovin' / A8. Round Clear

B1. Beatnik on the Ship / B2. Stealthy Steps / B3. Violent Breathing / B4. The Last Soul / B5. You Became the Bad Guy! / B6. Big Boss / B7. My Little Baby / B8. Game Over

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