Piano Collections: Pokémon Red/Blue Vinyl

by Materia Collective

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Materia Collective aimed to produce a single Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green album that captures the music of the first series of Pokémon games in piano form -- and in true Pokémon form, we're letting you choose your starter!

Piano Collections: Pokémon Red/Blue contains the entire soundtrack from the first generation of Pokémon games, beautifully reimagined for solo (and dueling) piano!


  • Gorgeous 2xLP, 4-Panel wallet digipak with a wide spine. Illustrations by Nora Kristiansen, layout and design by Rozen.

Track Listing

A SIDE: / 1. ~Opening~ / 2. Welcome to the World of Pokémon 3. Pallet Town 4. Professor Oak Suite 5. A Rival Appears! 6. Route 1 ~ Road to Viridian City 7. Battle! Wild Pokémon 8. Pokémon Center 9. Viridian Forest

B SIDE: 1. Pewter City 2. Guidepost 3. Mt. Moon 4. Route 4 ~ Road to Cerulean City 5. Cerulean City 6. Cycling! 7. Vermilion City 8. S.S. Anne 9. Route 9 ~ Road to Lavender Town

C SIDE: 1. Lavender Town 2. Pokémon Tower 3. Poké Flute 4. Celadon City 5. Game Corner 6. Team Rocket Hideout 7. Silph Co. 8. Battle! Pokémon Trainer

D SIDE: 1. Surf! 2. Cinnabar Island 3. Pokémon Mansion 4. Pokémon Gym 5. Battle! Gym Leader 6. Victory Road 7. Battle! Rival 8. Hall of Fame 9. ~Ending~ 10. Evolution

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