Log Jammers - NES Cartridge

by Mega Cat Studios

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This cartridge is a PAL version which is suitable for Australian and European NES Consoles. 

Arcade sports on the Nintendo Entertainment System are always a gas and Log Jammers is no different! Select your avatar from a diverse cast of skilled ax-wielding characters, and compete in exotic arenas across a variety of different game modes. 

The life of the professional lumberjack is as glamorous as it seems. The wealth, the popularity, the perfect hair, the chicks, the dudes - all of that and more make this job one of the most honorable and worthwhile professions of the 21st century! However, even gods can become bored with greatness after a while.

Tired with simply competing in log cutting and logrolling challenges, these lumberjacks are taking their craft to the next level!

Welcome to the exciting sport of Log Jammers! In this tournament of champions, you will select your lumberjack, each with his and her own strengths and weaknesses, to compete for ultimate victory!


  • This is a brand new video game created especially for the Nintendo Entertainment System, lovingly produced by the talented Mega Cat Studios. 
  • Comes with a NES Cartridge (PAL Version) together with a box and manual, just like how it was in the old days :)

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