Going Under Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

by Black Screen Records

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2020's #1 intern violence simulator finally goes vinyl! Going Under's soundtrack is an eclectic fusion of chill beats and insane bangers. Masterfully crafted by feasley with a guest feature from Chong the Nomad, this OST is equally great for working, studying, and demolishing an office building. The future might be wack, but your vinyl collection doesn't have to be.

The soundtrack will be available on 180g pink & blue vinyl and was carefully remastered for the vinyl format by our long-time collaborateur Christian Bethge and comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with art by Luiz Mello.


• Music by Feasley 
• Artwork by Luiz Mello
• Limited Edition 180g Pink/Blue Vinyl
• Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge