God of War - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP

by Mondo

$89.95 AUD

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Mondo presents the soundtrack to Santa Monica Studio's God of War!

This long-awaited rebirth of this franchise finds our titular hero Kratos - the violent, vengeful Greek God of previous chapters - settled down in Midgard, in a world of Norse mythology and monsters (and now battling new challenges such as fatherhood!).

The story hinges on the relationship between Kratos and his young son Atreus shortly after the passing of the family matriarch. Kratos prepares his son for his future, while being haunted by the ghosts of his own past, both in form of new powerful enemies, and in his son's worst tendencies.

Composed by Bear McCreary, the soundtrack to God of War is and outstanding achievement and emotionally powerful. This album features some of Bear's most beautiful compositions to date, bouncing back and forth between solemn and sublime. 

Both the game and soundtrack are modern masterpieces. 


  • Pressed on 2x180 gram black vinyl
  • Composer: Bear McCreary
  • Featuring original artwork by Jeff Langevin

Song List

Side A 01. God Of War (4:09) / 02. Memories Of Mother (3:40) / 03. Witch Of The Woods (3:05) / 04. Lullaby Of The Giants (3:45) / 05. Ashes (6:11)

Side B 06. Peaks Pass (2:35) / 07. A Giant's Prayer (2:01) / 08. The Dragon (3:46) / 09. Mimir (2:58) / 10. Magni and Modi (2:51) / 11. Echoes Of An Old Life (3:46) / 12. Helheim (3:22)

Side C 13. The Healing (3:17) /14. The Reach Of Your Godhood (2:38) / 15. Stone Mason / 16. Valkyries (5:10) / 17. Deliverance (6:20)

Side D / 18. Salvation (6:50) / 19. The Ninth Realm (5:00) / 20. The Summit (3:22) / 21. Epilogue (0:48)

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26 Jan 2020
Jarrod A.

Amazing vinyl, just like the game Pro: Everything about it Con: Nothing at all

18 Jun 2019
Robert C.

Truly exceptional audio art. A large part of the game's spectacularly high production value is due to such an exceptional sonic accompaniment and without it, the game wouldn't be as successful as it has been. You should definitely experience the album - even if you aren't a "fan" of the series - and the vinyl format brings it's warmth and power to the forefront. Pro: The power and dynamics of the album. Con: That it ended...