Gamecube Anthology Classic Edition

by Geeks Line Publishing

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The GameCube Anthology - Classic Edition - is a unique and original book celebrating this lovely console and covering the hardware, games, history and lots more.

After the Nintendo 64 came the GameCube, which had the gaming community divided. The GameCube stood out with its unconventional shape, looking almost like a lunch-box with a handle on it - so that it could easily be carried to a friend's house. Only Nintendo would think of this! 

Initially announced as 'Project Dolphin', the GameCube would represent Nintendo's transition to the world of digital media. Even though its purple box design looked like a children's toy, it was a powerhouse for its era and has earned itself a special place in the hearts of gamers thanks to an expansive and diverse library of exclusive hits; games with stunning graphics that were incredibly well made even by modern standards. 

The GameCube Anthology is a unique and original book celebrating this much loved console. 

This lovely tome covers the history of the development of the GameCube, exploring its hardware specifications, exploring rare and collectable GameCube memorabilia and unbelievably - it presents and rates all 647 published games with detailed information about their release date, developer, publisher & genre.


  • Trim size: 8.50x10.5 inches (216 x 267mm)
  • Cover: 4 pages, 4-color, Pantone, mat lamination, sport gloss UV varnish
  • Paper cover: Gloss coated, high density
  • Inside: 360 pages, 4-colors printed on 135 gsm gloss coated paper
  • Binding: Hardcover, tread sewn, 2mm thick cardboard, head & tails, shrink wrapped 
  • Weight: 1.5kg