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    Gabriela Brombin


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    Fotonica by auteur game studio Santa Ragione is a first-person game focusing on the thrill of travelling flawlessly at high speed through a variety of complex environments. If you imagine yourself running at over 200kmh, you will get a good feel for this game. It has been designed like traditional arcade games: quick and easy to pick up and play but nearly impossible to master.

    The visuals and art design will delight nostalgic players while still looking new and fresh at the same time. Each pixel is drawn to convey high speed. Combining this with vector graphics and a minimalist soundtrack, the game evokes a hybrid of early 70’s computing with an early 20th-century modernist design.  

    This particular artwork is titled 02 which is fitting, given the minimalist and abstract design of the game. 


    18 x 24 inch unframed matte poster