Contra 3: The Alien Wars Soundtrack LP

by Mondo

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Mondo has created a proper vinyl pressing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Konami’s Contra game series. This is a release of the original soundtrack to the 1992 hit, Contra III: The Alien Wars for the Super Nintendo/Famicom.

The Alien Wars was the sequel to the original Contra and Super Contra, bringing the classic run and shoot game into the 16-bit era. The composers took full advantage of the powerful audio capabilities of the Super Nintendo by producing longer looping sequences with complex time signatures and percussion patterns.

The end result is intense, chaotic and perfectly suited to the spirit of the game, while still obeying the pacing and structure of video game music.

Track List

A01. Alien Wars Begin / A02. It's Time for Revenge / A03. Bloody Storm / A04. Pattern Clear / A05. Select The Landing Point / A06. Megalopolis / A07. Battle Runner

B08. Daredevils / D09 Hell Messenger / B10. Go Forward Under Fire. / D11. The Showdown / D12. Return In Glory / D13. No Hope No Life


Red & Blue Camo LP

Record Label: Mondo

Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Artwork by Paul Mann.

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