Celeste Original Video Game Soundtrack

by Ship to Shore Phono Co.

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Celeste is a critically acclaimed platformer video game that strikes the perfect balance of being maddeningly difficult, rewarding and superbly addictive at the same time. Not only does it have incredibly tight gameplay and controls, it tells a moving story of a young red-headed woman named Madeline who struggles with depression while attempting to climb a mystical mountain in Canada.

It's matched by an incredible soundtrack that perfectly suits the rest of the experience. Celeste's music is a hybrid of electronic sounds and piano, with hints of guitar and a theremin-style synth slipped in. Many of the tracks start with a slow simple melody, adding layer after layer reaching a stunning high that accompanies the player through some of the more tense portions of the game. 

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present Lena Raine’s acclaimed and award-winning soundtrack to Celeste. Combining moody piano, haunting melodies and pulsing ambient soundscapes, the score to Celeste will transplant listeners directly into Madeline’s journey to scale Celeste Mountain. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and immerse yourself in the world of Celeste.


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