The King of Fighters 98 - The Definitive Soundtrack 2xLP

by Brave Wave

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SNK & Brave Wave Productions are proud to announce that THE KING OF FIGHTERS ‘98 soundtrack is now available on Vinyl!

KOF ‘98 is one of the most beloved titles in SNK’s premiere fighting game series due to its innovative competitive gameplay and catchy soundtrack, which was composed by SNK veteran Hideki “sha-v” Asanaka, alongside Konny, Tate Norio, Yamapy-1, Ackey, Papaya, Shimizm, Marimo and Shibakichi, all of whom were members of NEO SOUND ORCHESTRA. As with all Generation Series releases, KOF ‘98, the 16th title in the iconic lineup of classic and modern video game soundtracks, will feature newly remastered analog and digital tracks, as well as a booklet containing archival artwork and liner notes by the creators.


  • Pressed onto 2x Black vinyl record
  • Music from The King of Fighters '98 video game
  • Composed by Hideki "sha-v" Asanaka
  • 45 Tracks
  • Includes 4-page booklet with artwork and liner notes by the creators