The House of the Dead 2 Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP

by Cartridge Thunder

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Prepare yourself for the horrors of the critically-acclaimed sequel, The House of the Dead 2! The game is among the Sega Dreamcast's most memorable titles and certainly makes its mark as one of the most enduring video games in the rail shooter genre. We also carry the soundtrack to the prequel being The House of the Dead 1 Vinyl Soundtrack LP

Experience the sequel's pulsing drums, ear-splitting guitar, and haunting melodies, resurrected for a special 2XLP release with all-new artwork and newly mastered sound.


  • Original Sega Dreamcast game soundtrack
  • Includes bonus sound effects track
  • All-new artwork from Alex Pei, based on the original artwork for the Sega Dreamcast game
  • Liner notes with all-new photography
  • Color: Blue with black marble (please note: mock-up colors are not precise)
  • Officially licensed ©SEGA

Track List

The House of the Dead 2 (Advertise)
Tragedy Again
A.M.S. Agent
Resurrection of the Magician
Theme of the Magician
Original Sin
Advent of the Emperor
Theme of the Emperor
Ending Theme
Stage Clear
Game Over
Name Entry
Sound Effects

The House of the Dead ©SEGA. All rights reserved.