Super Nintendo Anthology Ultimate Edition

by Geeks Line Publishing

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2 Books In 1 (Hardware and Software), More Than 680 Pages, The Ultimate Reference For All Super Nintendo Fans.

On November 21, 1990, the Super Nintendo was officially introduced to the Japanese public as the Super Famicom. A date that would forever be engraved in the hearts and souls of gamers worldwide. Following in the footsteps of the NES, whose universal success had definitively shaped the fate of the gaming industry, the Super Nintendo was a technological masterpiece, teeming with power and potential, and that still fascinates us to this very day. Across more than 620 pages richly illustrated with documents from the period, the two Super Nintendo Anthology volumes recount the life story of the Kyoto-based giant's wondrous 16-bit console and delve deep into its huge international games library. A work of reference.


A total of 1810 official titles were released on the Super Nintendo, and a specific amount of page space is dedicated to each one based on its quality and reputation. For example, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past has deservedly earned itself a full page. While most players have played or at least heard of the best titles (Super Metroid, Star Fox, Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country etc.), many other lesser-known games are well worth our attention. This book presents all 1810 officially published games with detailed information including their release date, developer, publisher, genre, and a rating out of five, without forgetting the 50-odd after-market and canceled games.


  • The Complete Official Games Library (1810 games)
  • All Games in Alphabetical Order
  • Alternative Game Titles by Region
  • after-Market' Games
  • Canceled Games
  • Collector's Guide


This volume is entirely dedicated to the history of the machine itself, from its genesis through to the end of its life cycle, as well as the secrets behind the hardware: its technical specs and connectors explained, its strong silicon heart dissected. The publisher thoroughly examined, studied and analyzed the role of each processor, the console's unique graphical and audio capabilities, its sprite management and various enhancement chips (DSP). Over 60 pages have also been allocated to the machine's accessories, official or otherwise, including the Satellaview, the Sufami Turbo, import adapters, homebrew tools and of course the unreleased CD-Rom player. This section also includes all the different versions, collectors’ editions, and various bundles distributed around the world.


  • The SNES Epic
  • Secret of The Hardware
  • Accessories (Official and Unofficial)
  • Interviews with People Who Made History
  • Developers' Words
  • Bundle & Collectors' Editions
  • Advertisements from around the World
  • The Weirdest Box Art


  • Trim size: 8.50x10.5 inches (216x267mm)
  • Inside: 700 pages, 4-colors printed on 135 gsm gloss coated paper
  • Exclusive Slipcase: Full paper glued on 2mm board, printed with 4-colors on 135 gsm glossy coated paper, mat lamination, silver stamping, shrink wrapped
  • Cover: 4 pages, 4-color, Pantone, mat lamination, sport gloss UV varnish
  • Weight: 3.14kg (7.7 Lb)
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05 Oct 2020
Steven P.
Australia Australia
Super Nintendo Anthology

Great service and a really fantastic product.