Stardew & Chill LP

by GameChops

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"Stardew & Chill" is a 15 track lo-fi hip hop tribute to the music of indie videogame phenomenon Stardew Valley. Lofi beats to farm and make friends to.

Stardew Valley is a charming farming simulator in a 2D pixel-art style. With laid-back gameplay and its enchanting countryside setting, Stardew Valley is known for its relaxing and cozy vibe — and its soundtrack, composed by developer ConcernedApe.

With soundtrack selections spanning from its seasonal themes, in-game events, and places to see, Coffee Date (Evelyn Rivera) and Dj Cutman (Chris Davidson) have crafted the ultimate chill tribute to Stardew Valley. Stardew & Chill features live instrumental and vocal performances by Evelyn, with meticulous production and laid-back beats provided by Chris.

Stardew & Chill is pressed on heavyweight translucent 'mint green' vinyl and mastered for the format by Nick Townsend. Music composed by Eric Barone, used with permission.


Stardew Valley Overture/ Load Game / Pelican Town / Wild Horseradish Jam / The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky / Calico Desert / Stardrop Saloon / Dance of the Moonlight Jellies / Raven's Descent / A Stillness in the Rain / In The Deep Woods / The Smell of Mushroom / Nocturne of Ice / The Wind Can Be Still / Mines (Cloth)