SEVEN Vinyl Record

by Knight of the Round

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Spanning 13 tracks, SEVEN re-tells the story of Final Fantasy VII by presenting the songs in chronological order of the game.

Experience the magic of Final Fantasy VII once again by listening to the album in a heavy metal rendition!

The score is performed by Knight of the Round which is an instrumental heavy metal band that plays Final Fantasy themed music. 


  • Pressed onto Green/Black swirl Vinyl Record
  • Limited to 300 copies worldwide

Track Listing

1. Opening - Bombing Mission
2. Mako Reactor
3. Anxiety
4. Shinra, Inc.
5. Motorcycle Chase
6. On Our Way
7. Those Chosen by the Planet/Main Theme of FFVII
8. Let the Battles Begin!
9. In Search of the Man in Black
11. Listen to the Cries of the Planet
12. The North Cave
13. One-Winged Angel