• Ridge Racer Infinity LP
  • Ridge Racer Infinity Vinyl
  • Ridge Racer Infinity Vinyl
  • Ridge Racer Infinity Vinyl

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    Ridge Racer Infinity LP

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    RoBKTA's latest Neo Arcade remix album “Ridge Racer Infinity” is an unmissable collection of high octane driving jams and a worthy tribute to the classic arcade racing series Ridge Racer. Songs featured on the 10 track album include On Your Way (from "R4: Ridge Racer Type 4"), Drivin' U 2 Dancin' (from "Ridge Racer Revolution"), and Blue Topaz (from "Rave Racer")with collaborations from Andrew Elmore, Tudd, RoboRob, and Virix Dreamcore.

    Note from RoBKTA:

    "Ridge Racer is possibly the one video game series that stuck the most with me musically and even before being under the VGM radar officially, I would just post RR remixes as a testament of my love for the musical identity of the franchise. Ridge Racer Infinity constitutes the album I always wanted to produce to show my love for the series and I am humbled and lucky to have by my side great talents to collaborate with, further experimenting new sounds to add to the Neo Arcade formula while sharing with all you racing fans an authentic love letter to a racing franchise that has been missing from our consoles for too long."


    1xLP 12" 180g black vinyl with Art by Mike DeBisco, Layout by Isa Alcántara.