Precision Game Storage for SNES/Super Nintendo

by Book4Games

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Enhance the look of your collection and safely preserve your valuable game cartridges. The Book4Games Precision Game Storage is specially designed to protect your games from dust, light, and humidity while being maintained in snug high-density foam cutouts.

Each box comes with extra holographic stickers allowing you to identify the stored content on your bookshelves and sort your games as you please, by title, genre, or publisher.

A practical and refined display storage solutions for Retrogamers!

  • North American/NTSC design & cartridges format
  • Thick laminated cardboard box with colour print
  • High-Density foam inlay with high-precision cut-outs to secure your games Magnetic flap closure
  • Colour printed tray background
  • A5 Holographic stickers sheet to identify stored content by title, genre or publisher