• Lock-On Volume 003 (Softcover)
  • Lock-On Volume 003 (Softcover)
  • Lock-On Volume 003 (Softcover)
  • Lock-On Volume 003 (Softcover)

    Lost In Cult

    Lock-On Volume 003 (Softcover)

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    Lost in Cult is back again to bring you Volume 003 of their acclaimed gaming journal, which is the BIGGEST to date with over 220 pages in both Softcover and Hardcover editions, containing more than 50 retrospectives, articles and interviews.

    Roughly 50% of 003 is dedicated to (unofficially) exploring Sega's short-lived final home console, the Dreamcast, with articles spanning the games, peripherals, launches and even chipset of the iconic device. We've roped in the likes of John Linneman and Audi Sorlie from Digital Foundry, Tom Charnock from The Dreamcast Junkyard, Alex AnielChris Scullion and Adam Koralik (among many others) to explore this topic. We even convinced former Official Dreamcast Magazine USA editor-in-chief Simon Cox and staff writer turned writer/director Jörg Tittel (The Last Worker) to chat to their favourite Dreamcast developers (and friends) Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Frédérick Raynal.

    Alongside this, we have our usual selection of articles and interviews from across the gaming spectrum, from exploring the darker side of Pikmin to a series retrospective of the Darksiders games, and much more besides. We also have a beautiful Sable art gallery and not one but TWO interviews with the developer, plumbing the depths of the standout 2021 indie hit.

    All of this is accompanied by bespoke artwork and incredible digital spreads created by exceptionally talented folk from around the world. Stephen GrahamSam McKenzieErin VestBani-chanCasper PhamRiotbonesBig Sky Castle and Kinky Sketch are joined by many others, including Gregorios Kythreotis and Ma-Ko who have created our bedazzling covers.


    • 220+ Pages (Softcover & Hardcover)
    • Limited Run (Final numbers to be announced after campaign, never reprinted)
    • Individually Numbered
    • 245 x 200 mm
    • Custom OBI Strip & Branding
    • Perfect Bound
    • Litho Print
    • 130 gsm Premium Silk Matt Paper Stock