DELTARUNE Incomplete Piano Score (Physical Sheet Music Book)

by Materia Collective

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Contains all 40 songs from DELTARUNE, Chapter 1 soundtrack. Composed by Toby Fox, adapted by Laura Platt.

The DELTARUNE Incomplete Piano Score covers every single track from the game for a total of 40 songs. The arrangements are faithful to the originals thanks to the efforts of composer and arranger Laura Platt, known for her own reimaginings of UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE music. Each song has been lovingly recreated to be playable on piano even for younger musicians.

(Why is it “incomplete”? That’s a little play on words because Toby Fox has only released the first chapter of the game. We’re looking forward to the beautiful music subsequent chapters will bring!)

Perfect Paperback, 66 pages, 8.7 oz. Printed on Natural Offset paper for better readability.

The DELTARUNE Incomplete Piano Score is brought to you by:

TOBY FOX: is the musical dog that made deltarune.

DAVID PEACOCK: is a music nerd who likes making sheet music for and from games.

LAURA PLATT: is a composer and arranger with a passion for game music
and a heart full of determination.