Dark Souls II Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP


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Dark Souls II, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s Dark Souls was released with much fanfare in March 2014. As with its predecessor, the intricate and moody score music struck a chord with fans of both composer Motoi Sakuraba and the game franchise, topping many a “best of 2014” list.

A cult fan-favorite from the time of it’s release in 2014, the dark, brooding and often outright terrifying soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba brings the game to life on your turntable.

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  • Exclusively pressed for PixelCrib on a Limited Edition Maroon Coloured vinyl.
  • Deluxe double album package includes a deluxe gatefold jacket featuring key art from the game with spot UV
  • Album includes the 32-track score by industry legend Motoi Sakuraba (Tales Of... series, Phantasy Star Nova, Super Smash Bros.).

    Dark Souls 2 Vinyl Soundtrack