Boomshakalaka LP

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"He's heating up!"

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present BoomBaptist's critically acclaimed LP Boom Shakalaka on limited edition vinyl!

A love-letter to the seminal basketball videogame which took arcades and games consoles by storm nearly thirty years ago, BoomBaptist's trip-hop masterpiece is a sonic melange of samples, beats and soul, tinged with mid-90s nostalgia whilst utilising modern production techniques. Pressed on "He's on fire!" splatter vinyl, Boom Shakalaka is as hot as it sounds!

Side A
1. Boom Shakalaka (ft. Dehab) / 02. Hook It Up / 3. Ankle Breaker / 4. Razzle Dazzle / 5. He's Heating Up (ft. Nicknack) / 6. He's On Fire!

Side B
1. From Downtwon (ft. Yadira Brown) / 2. Shattered Backboard / 3. Slamma Jamma (ft. Keeper) / 4. Alley-oop / 5. Is It the Shoes?