• Akira (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP
  • Akira (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP
  • Akira (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP
  • Akira (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP
  • Akira (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP

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    Akira (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP

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    We are thrilled to be bringing you the amazing score to the cult Japanese animated feature AKIRA directed by Katsuhiro Ohtomo. This game changer in the world of animation is celebrating its 30 year anniversary! The Symphonic Suite features the original unremixed and complete versions of the music created by the group Geinoh Yamashirogumi under the supervision of mastermind Shouji Yamashiro. The director wanted Yamashiro to compose the music for AKIRA, and asked him to take total control over the content of the soundtrack. This album features the best recording and most accurate representation of the music to AKIRA.This is the first time AKIRA Symphonic Suite is being officially released outside of Japan!

    Set in the year 2019 in Neo-Tokyo, the world is still recovering from the ravages of World War III. One night, teen delinquent Kaneda has his biker gang hurtle through the busy city. Kaneda’s friend, Tetsuo, is seriously injured during an accident and is taken to an army hospital.

    There the military notice Tetsuo’s potential psychic power, so they transfer Tetsuo to a secret government laboratory to awakening his latent abilities. When Kaneda gets involved in an anti-government guerrilla movement, he encounters Kei, a member of the revolutionaries, and learns that the goal of the fighters is to infiltrate a secret laboratory – the very one where Tetuso is being held.

    The experiments to awaken Tetsuo’s powers are a terrifying success as he begins to wield psychic energy he cannot control – reminiscent of the emergence of the legendary esper boy "Akira”, which triggered World War III. The stage set, a fierce battle begins between Kaneda, Kei, the army and Tetsuo with the destiny of Earth at stake.

    The symphonic music to AKIRA was composed by Dr. Shoji Yamashiro, head of the beloved Japanese musical collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi, and performed by the group. Re-recorded and remastered using the most advanced audio techniques available, this release of the unforgettable score of AKIRA is peerless in quality and audio fidelity.

    To celebrate the long-awaited release of AKIRA on the vinyl format, this soundtrack has been pressed onto a pair of 180 gram opaque Red coloured vinyl records. 

    The discs are housed in a pair of high quality eurosleeves displaying artwork from the film which are in turn packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the beautiful skyline of Neo-Tokyo. A download card including a lengthy commentary by Dr. Yamashiro on topics ranging from AKIRA to Geinoh Yamashirogumi to his work in advanced brain studies is also included. 


    • Exclusive colour variant pressed on 180gm Red Opaque coloured vinyl

    Track Listing

    A1. Kaneda / A2. Battle Against Clown / A3. Tetsuo

    B1. Shohmyoh / B2. Dolls' Polyphony / B3. Exodus From the Underground Fortress

    C1. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo / C2. Illusion

    D1. Mutation / D2. Requiem