A Total War Saga: Troy Deluxe Triple Vinyl

by Laced Records

$109.95 AUD

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Laced Records has joined forces with Creative Assembly™ and SEGA® to release the original soundtrack to A Total War Saga: TROY on deluxe triple vinyl and double CD.

TROY marks the first game in the BAFTA award-winning Total War™ series to focus on the ancient Bronze Age, and is the furthest back in history that the series has travelled in its tales of epic conquest. Inspired by The Iliad – Homer’s sweeping tale of romance and bloodshed – TROY focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, bringing the conflict to life as never before.

TROY’s score comprises cinematic soundscapes, ambient washes, pulsing grooves, and basslines. Creative Assembly’s audio director and lead composer Richard Beddow created a vibrant, stylised fusion of elements from the Mediterranean, Balkan, North African, and Eastern cultures. Captivating choral performances by the Vanya Moneva Bulgarian female choir conjure an exciting and exotic sound, grounding the soundtrack in the ancient Aegean.


  • 41 tracks on three orange 180g LPs
  • Deluxe triple gatefold with insert
  • Artwork by Tsvetelin Krastev, Lulu Zhang & Matt Wright



Side A

Troy - Behold A Terrible Beauty / Paris Must Pay / King's Injustice / Thetis' Lament / Zeus' Pledge / Night of False Omens / Summons

Side B

At the Scaean Gate / The Trojan Fields / To Wage A War / The Pastures of Argos, the Women of Achaea / Stand Before Battle / Might of the Argives / Agamemnon


Side A

Sneaking Into Rhesos' Camp / Patroclus' Plea / Fight like Achilles / Break Their Spirits / Patroclus Falls / A Wake for Patroclus / Scamander / Wild Fig Tree / Achilles Draws Near

Side B

Tritogeneia / Hector's Funeral / Wine-Dark Seas / Seeing Her Again / Nostos / Guards of Troy


Side A

Hector of the Shining Helm / Sarpedon / Trojan Allies / Attack on the Ships / The Defences Stand / Father Zeus, Ruling from Ida

Side B

Ares Enyalios / Athena with the Stormy Aegis / Apollo of the Silver Bow / Argive Hera / No One Escapes Fate / Judgement of Paris