Splatterhouse LP

Splatterhouse LP

We are thrilled to announce the exclusive limited edition release of Splatterhouse Video Game Soundtrack LP, pressed for PixelCrib on a blood-red colored vinyl.
This LP features all of the spine-tingling horror-themed music from the classic arcade game, Splatterhouse, remastered and pressed onto high-quality vinyl in a striking red color that perfectly captures the game's gruesome and bloody aesthetic.
Available for pre-order, shipping by the end of October 2023

Splatterhouse Video Game Soundtrack LPSplatterhouse Video Game Soundtrack LP

 The Splatterhouse Video Game Soundtrack LP includes all of the game's original music, remastered and pressed onto high-quality vinyl. Fans of the game and horror-themed music alike are sure to appreciate the LP's haunting melodies, atmospheric synths, and pulse-pounding beats.

The game, originally released in 1988, quickly gained a cult following for its intense horror-themed gameplay and graphic violence. The music was a standout feature, perfectly capturing the eerie and unsettling tone of the game.


Limited Edition release exclusively pressed for PixelCrib on Blood-Red Coloured Vinyl.
Package includes a gatefold jacket with grisly custom cover artwork by Shagrat, extensive liner notes by Rob Strangman, plus original Japanese arcade flyer art.