Presenting Evercade's new 'R' Consoles

Presenting Evercade's new 'R' Consoles

We are ecstatic to be opening pre-orders for the the EXP-R & VS-R consoles now!

Also, the brand new Tomb Raider Collection 1 is also available to pre-order (together with Thalamus Collection 1)! Check them all out below!

Evercade EXP-R

The Evercade EXP-R is the newest version of the award-winning retro gaming console from Evercade and it comes with 3 legendary Tomb Raider games on one Evercade Cartridge.

The Evercade EXP-R features a high resolution IPS screen for greater viewing angles and better quality, built-in WiFi for easy updates and the brand new TATE mode, that allows for seamless and comfortable vertical gaming using dedicated buttons. It also supports the entire Evercade cartridge library.

Evercade VS-R

Styled in a new colour scheme of Charcoal grey with turquoise accents, the brand new Evercade VS-R fits in great with many other home gaming electricals. The Evercade VS-R console is designed to be played on your TV and has been optimised for a home gaming experience.

Evercade VS Wired Controller

Evercade VS-R Wired Controller

The Evercade VS-R Wired Controller is the perfect accompaniment to the Evercade VS-R Games Console. With this, you can expand your multiplayer gaming capacity for up to four players with a specially created and aesthetically matching Controller to your system.


Evercade 'R' Combo

By special request, we've created a limited time combo containing both the Evercade EXP-R & VS-R Consoles at a reduced price. This bundle will only be available until Sunday, 5th May 2024.


#40 Tomb Raider Collection 1 - Evercade Cartridge

Play the first three games from the epic franchise on one physical Evercade cartridge! Join Lara Croft on her debut adventures in their original 32-bit console form! Tomb Raider Collection 1 allows Evercade fans to play these incredible, world-famous titles on their Evercade consoles on one physical cartridge, complete with manual and clamshell case.


#C07 Thalamus Collection 1 - Evercade Cartridge

Evercade Thalamus Collection 1 brings even more home computer greats to Evercade from the highly lauded 1980s and 1990s developer and publisher. Eleven great titles from the Thalamus Catalogue come to Evercade systems on one physical cartridge collection, complete with manual and clamshell case.