Lock On Vol 004

Lock On Vol 004

[lock-on] has been in the world for over a year now they're celebrating this anniversary with their BIGGEST issue ever. With over 260 pages of content, almost 50 articles by 45 authors and art from more than 30 artists and developers, 004 is seriously stacked.

PixelCrib has stock of both the soft and hardcover edition on the way, and available for your to pre-order now.

These beauties have just been printed and are on their way to our warehouse; with an expected shipping date of 20 Feb 2023.

Lock-On Volume 004 (Softcover)


Once again unofficially exploring Soulsborne and the impact FromSoftware has had on both players and the industry. Articles & Features by the likes of Gareth Damian Martin (creator of Citizen Sleeper), Konstantinos Dimopoulos (writer of Virtual Cities), Iron Pineapple and Heavy Eyed (influential Soulsborne YouTubers) are accompanied by jaw-dropping works of Unofficial tribute art created just for [lock-on] by favourites such as Bani-chan, Luis Melo and many more. You'll also find interviews with the developers of games such as Hyper Light Drifter, Shovel Knight, System Shock, Journey and Eastward and heaps more!


This version is the softcover editing which features a vibrant wrap-around piece for the very first time, created by Media Molecule artist Theo Hayne. This is a celebration of all things Dreams and Mm, and will be accompanied by a slew of in-depth articles looking at the creation of Dreams, its community and much more. Prepare to be dazzled by the beautiful art Made In Dreams, as you're introduced to community creations.

Lock-On Volume 004 (Hardcover)


Our limited edition hardcover composition has been created by phenomenal artist Max58, Unofficially Inspired by the chart-topping and critically-acclaimed Elden Ring.

Our beautiful Tribute Hardcover has been created by renowned and beloved Soulsborne artist max58. You'll see his art throughout 004, along with art cards in our Premium and Deluxe tiers, plus exclusive art print, bookmark, stickers and zine included. These are all limited editions and are individually numbered.