Klonoa - Your dream collection is here!

Klonoa - Your dream collection is here!

Debuting on the PlayStation in 1997, Klonoa is a funny little anthropomorphic creature who has spent the years exploring dream worlds, making an appearance on just about every console since.

Each game has received critical praise, but only harboured a small, but dedicated, fan base. If you are, or know someone who is, part of that dedicated band of followers, then we have some very exciting news for you.

PixelCrib's Klonoa collection page is expanding, with a brand new Switch cartridge contain 2 remastered games! This will delight old and new fans of the franchise as you play this beauty with all the modern gaming conveniences.

On top of this, we also stock the soundtracks on vinyl and cassette tape (you read that correctly), which are in stock now!

Click Here to learn more about the collection, and then jump over and order yours now!