Banana Jamz Vinyl Record

Banana Jamz Vinyl Record

PixelCrib is going absolutely ape right now, friends, and I bet you've already guessed why.

We can officially announce the launch of the updated release for the Banana Jamz Vinyl Soundtrack, featuring an incredible collection of reimagined hits from the original and new Donkey Kong Country games. This time the front and back covers feature brand new (and in our opinion, improved) artwork from Gobo 3D. 

This LP is pure, jump-on-a-rhino-and-rampage-through-the-forest nostalgia and it won't last long. The last iteration we have of the Banana Jamz album sold out quickly; we are excited to bring this new version to all of you who missed out the first time around. 

Pre-orders are now open with an expected ship date of June 2022

Pre-Order yours now!