A Celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog

A Celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic first raced onto the Sega Mega Drive in 1991, and since then he’s become a phenomenon. Once viewed as Mario’s main competitor (the two are now basically best friends, thanks to the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series), Sonic’s games were celebrated for their speedy gameplay, lush environments, and intricate, secret-packed levels. The hugely popular hedgehog has spawned his own animated series, comics, a live-action film and an enormous following. 

We are delighted to be celebrating this delightful franchise, kicking off with the vinyl soundtrack for Sonic Frontiers. Check out all our amazing Sonic releases below!

Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Starfall Island 2xLP (Pre-Order)

Released in partnership with SEGA of Japan and composer Tomoya Ohtani, The Music of Starfall Islands is a collection of beautiful instrumental and classical-inspired tracks which are used as the background music for the various islands in Sonic Frontiers.

The music for each island is presented as a suite, containing several movements that layer upon one another and build up to a climax, each with its own distinctive tone and feel, much like the islands themselves, which range from green meadows, to arid deserts, volcanoes and beyond.

Sonic Spinball (Shipping Now)

Originally released in 1993 for the Mega Drive console, Sonic Spinball was an ambitious hybrid of pinball and platforming and a significant departure from previous Sonic the Hedgehog games. This change of game style, along with the industrial-themed level designs, also inspired a very different kind of Sonic soundtrack.

Composed by Howard Drossin, Brian Coburn and Barry Blum from the SEGA Technical Institute in the USA (where the game was also developed), the music of Sonic Spinball is suitably darker, industrial and wholly unique for a Sonic game of the era.

Sonic 25th Anniversary Art Book (Both Shipping Now)

Standard Hardcover
This legendary video game icon is celebrated with a striking ‘coffee-table style’ compendium about the art and visual design of his universe. The book contains key art, illustrations, promotional art and rare material from the timespan 1991 – 2016, with a complete history of the origins and evolution of Sonic as a design icon.
Collector's Edition
The Collector’s Edition is a hardcover book with a separate dust-jacket. It comes in a luxurious outer box with a modernized 'classic 90's' Japanese Sonic design and has a special inner sleeve that conveniently folds into a display stand for the book itself. The Collector's Edition also contains an exclusive, hand-numbered and newly drawn 12-color screen print by Sonic Team lead artist Yuji Uekawa.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate 2xLP Vinyl Soundrack (Pre-Order)

Sonic is downright mythical, effortlessly bobbing and weaving through console generations for the last 30 years. Through dozens of games – and even some wild genre-hopping – it’s perplexing to pick just one standout, but Sonic Colors is truly an unsung gem (originally released on Nintendo Wii in 2010). 

Fast forward to a decade later with Sonic Colors: Ultimate and witness a remixed revival of this stellar entry into the hedgehog’s musical lineage, because this is no normal soundtrack. It’s an accelerated wunderkind, swiftly and deftly sprinting through worlds like they were sections in a Green Hill Zone neighborhood record shop.

Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - The Vinyl Cuts (Shipping Now)

The international release of Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack – The Vinyl Cutz is a must-have not only for all fans of the legendary blue hedgehog, but also for lovers of warm snapping and popping!

This edition contains 19 tracks from the Sonic Forces video game, including the main theme “Fist Bump”composed by series veteran Tomoya Ohtani who made his first entry into the Sonic franchise by composing music for Sonic Adventure 2 and performed by Douglas Robb, lead singer of the American rock bank Hoobastank. 

There are numerous hits in this compilation such as  “Theme of Infinite” by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane (Dangerkids) —some of which are performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at the AIR Studios!

Sonic The Hedgehog: Music from the Motion Picture (Shipping Now)

Enjoy The Toons Records - in conjunction with Paramount Pictures and Enjoy The Ride Records - proudly present SonicThe Hedgehog: Music From The Motion Picture by composer Tom Holkenborg. 

Holkenborg, also known under the moniker Junkie XL, has created scores to major blockbuster hits for the last two decades (Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Alita: Battle Angel and more). Holkenborg encompasses the essence of Sonic, bringing the iconic chip sounds from SEGA to the big screen with a thrilling and exciting score that beautifully compliments the film.