From the makers of Evercade, we are ecstatic to announce the first line of products for the new HyperMegaTech brand.
The Super Pocket is a brand new retro-gaming handheld that brings you world-renowned arcade games in your pocket. As an added bonus, these consoles are compatible with all Evercade Cartridges!

Pre-orders are now open, with an expect shipping date of 27 October 2023!

Super Pocket Capcom® Edition

The Capcom Edition Super Pocket has 12 highly acclaimed arcade games from the Japanese publisher, including Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, 1942, and more alongside the console great Mega Man.

Super Pocket TAITO™ Edition

Super Pocket Taito Edition comes with 17 fantastic games from the Japanese arcade giant including Space Invaders, Operation Wolf, The New Zealand Story, Rastan, Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, and more alongside the console classic Space Invaders ‘91.