The Legend of Final Fantasy VI

by Third Editions

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Amongst the cult episodes of the Final Fantasy series, the sixth one is one of the most important. Last of its kind in 2D and on a Nintendo console, FFVI remains a great achievement in Sakaguchi’s, Kitase’s and Uematsu’s careers. At a time when staging was limited to still screens and a few sprites trying to express some emotions, Squaresoft, in a last-ditch struggle on SNES, had one ambition: to create a game which would expand the boundaries of the J-RPG genre. Thus, what could Thirds Editions do but write an entire book dedicated to this pivotal game?

In this book, you'll find everything you need to know about FFVI. You'll dive into its development, its story, its characters, and you will go further with in-depth analysis of its themes, its soundtrack, its game design choices, and its impact on the J-RPG genre.

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  • 184 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 160 x240
  • English
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28 Jul 2021
Australia Australia
Great Quality Book and Great Read

If you're a FF6 fan you should definitely pick this up! I know the game inside and out and still had great satisfaction reading this one. Particularly love how Chapter 1 is effectively the story of the game piece by piece. Do note, that there are no visual pictures / art in this book, but a lot of great information!