The Art of Fallout 4

by Dark Horse

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The size, quality, detail (and weight!) of this book has to be experienced for itself. If Fallout 4 was a subject you could study in school, this is the official textbook. And a high-end one at that, comprising incredible concept art and matte paintings of the cities printed on thick, high-quality paper.

Absolutely everything is covered from the environment design to costume, characters, storyboards, all the way to the individual appliances in houses and comic book covers.

Bethesda Game Studios are masters of their craft and this is a peek into their inner workings and talented artists. Recommended not just for fans of the Fallout series but also those interested in a career in game development or concept art and gamers keen to learn about gameplay mechanics, architecture and level design.    


Published by Dark Horse Books

Hardcover, 366 pages