• Super Metroid (Original Soundtrack Recreated) 2xLP
  • Super Metroid (Original Soundtrack Recreated) 2xLP

    WRWTFWW Records

    Super Metroid (Original Soundtrack Recreated) 2xLP

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    WRWTFWW Records is happy to announce the first-ever physical release of Louisiana-based composer and producer Jammin’ Sam Miller’s full HD re-creation/restoration of the beloved Super Metroid video game soundtrack. The limited biovinyl double LP is packed with 27 tracks and features an exclusive artwork by French illustrator Pierre Thyss, as well as an obi strip.

    Composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, the soundtrack for 1994 SNES exploration / action-adventure / sci-fi / alien video game Super Metroid has always been a fan-favorite. A true masterclass in music storytelling, it beautifully evokes the epic and eerie adventure of the game’s protagonist Samus Aran with superb use of atmospheric sounds, space-operatic arrangements, rumbling bass, oppressive techno-futurist moods, tribal drums, and airy synth themes, admirably balancing the ominous feel of a dark menace and contemplative, even soothing, ambient soundscapes.

    Jammin' Sam Miller assiduously recreated the soundtrack note by note, by finding the original equipment used to create it, translating the MIDI into a modern studio context, adding in keyboard samples, and re-mixing and re-mastering the whole score. He explains: "This was made possible by locating the original instrument samples from workstation keyboards and drum machines before they were put into the game and rebuilding the soundtrack from the ground up, applying some modern mixing techniques along the way to lift the veil of 16bit compression and create an updated listening experience."

    Super Metroid is pressed on biovinyl, a sustainable alternative to traditional vinyl. Biovinyl replaces petroleum in S-PVC by recycling used cooking oil or industrial waste gases, resulting in 100% CO2 savings in bio-based S-PVC production. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable and reusable, embracing the circular economy ideology


    • Pressed on black BioVinyl
    • For fans of video game soundtracks, SNES, Metroid and Super Metroid and all of them, Samus Aran, atmoshpehric sounds, ambient music, synthwave, the 90s, Zebes Music, painstakingly recreating things
    • First ever release of Louisiana-based composer and producer Jammin’ Sam Miller’s full HD re-creation/restoration of the beloved Super Metroid video game soundtrack – on vinyl


    A1. Opening (Destruction of the Space Colony)
    A2. Theme of Super Metroid
    A3. Spaceship (No SFX)
    A4. Boss Confrontation 1
    A5. To Planet Zebes
    A6. Planet Zebes (Arrival on Crateria)
    A7. Crateria (The Space Pirates Appear)
    A8. Item Acquisition Fanfare (No SFX)
    A9. Item Room

    B1. Chozo Statue Awakens
    B2. Brinstar Overgrown With Vegetation Area
    B3. Mini Boss Confrontation
    B4. Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area
    B5. Norfair Hot Lava Area
    B6. Tension
    B7. Boss Confrontation 2

    C1. Theme of Samus
    C2. Wrecked Ship
    C3. Maridia Rocky Underwater Area
    C4. Maridia Drifting Sandy Underwater Area

    D1. Norfair Ancient Ruins
    D2. Mysterious Statue Chamber
    D3. Tourian
    D4. Continue
    D5. Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare
    D6. Mother Brain
    D7. Ending