Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

by Cryptozoic

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Designed by Valve staff, the original makers of Portal and Portal 2, this board game does a good job bringing over many of the elements from the video game and capturing the essence of Aperture Labs.

The game board is modular in design and the test chambers are set up in three rows across. Each turn, test subjects are placed inside the chambers and then moved around the board. The end goal is to have as many of the test subjects inside a test chamber as it falls away off the right-hand side, “recycling” the contents and rewarding the player with action cards or even better, a slice of cake. The test chambers are then turned over, creating new rewards and reconnected to the left side of the grid.  

As a welcome extra bonus, this game also comes with a Steam code for Portal 2.


Published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

30-45 minutes of gameplay. 2-4 player game

Suits ages 15 years and up