Mega Man: The Board Game

by Jasco Games

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This is a special treat for fans of Capcom’s Mega Man series of video games. This board game is designed to replicate the feel of playing the actual video game by utilising detailed figurines, cards and dice.

You begin by selecting a stage and then fighting across the board as the blue bomber. Other players will take on the role of Dr Wily’s minions and by defeating them you will earn a signature weapon; which can be used on the next boss and so on. There is a lot going on at any one time but the rules are not overly complicated.

Mega Man is a stunning game with lots of beautifully printed artwork. The little figurines are detailed, colourful and well made. The amount of attention to detail shows that this was clearly a labour of love, made by a passionate group of fans.


Published by Jasco Games

1-3 hours of gameplay. 2-6 player game

Suits ages 13 years and up

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