Kingdom Heartbeats LP

by Materia Collective

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"I've always loved the fluid and soulful nature of the music from Kingdom Hearts. My main focus when diving into this project was to capture nostalgia while subverting expectations. Electronic dance music has so many sub-genres.

With the help of several talented vocalists and producers, we tackled multiple styles while adding a personal degree of grit and attitude to these classic songs that I think fans of the game's original score and electronic music fans alike will enjoy" - RoboRob (Album Producer).


  • Deluxe audiophile 180 gram 1xLP translucent vinyl. Comes in a gatefold jacket and printed acetate slipcase.

Track Listing

SIDE A: 1. Simple and Clean / 2. Tension Rising / 3. The 13th Struggle / 4. Sora's Theme / 5. Passion

SIDE B: 6. Dearly Beloved / 7. Face My Fears (VIP) / 8. Traverse Town / 9. Sinister Sundown / 10. This Is Halloween