Game Boy Works Volume I

by Fangamer

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Nintendo launched Game Boy, a brick-like collection of dated technology topped by simple non-colour, low resolution screen, in April 1989. It would go on to become the single best-selling console of the 20th century. 

Jeremy Parish's Game Boy Works series attempts to explain the system's popularity by focusing on its greatest selling point: Its huge library of games! 

Game Boy Works examines the system's software library in chronological order, beginning with the four launch titles from April 1989 through the end of June 1990. Every game Nintendo and its partners published for the system in the U.S., Japan, and Europe is explored here in detail.

From timeless masterpieces like Tetris to forgotten import obscurities like Card Game, this first volume details the games that defined road trips, vacations, and waiting room sessions for millions of kids (not to mention, adults!) throughout the '90s. 

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