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Doom: The Board Game

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Fantasy Flight Games

Doom: The Board Game


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For those unaccustomed to Doom, the video game comprises a soldier (the Doom Marine) running around a Martian base while attempting to blast a variety of demons back to Hell.

And of all the video game franchises in the world, Doom would not be an obvious choice to translate into a board game. Unbelievably though, this plays just like the frenetic first person shooter, minus the gore.

It is played in a one versus many style. One player controls the demons and the remaining players (up to 4) each control a Marine. The demon player will try to kill a marine a total of 6 times during the game, while the Marine player has objectives like closing the portals of Hell.  

Combat involves selecting an action card and moving the number of listed spaces on the card. The player then rolls the dice against an enemy within range; the attacked player draws a card from the action deck to defend against the attack, and the drawn card value may cancel out the damage.

It is truly impressive that these plethora of cards, tokens and dice are able to replicate the feel of its digital counterpart. These are for people who enjoy skirmish games and fans of the Doom series looking to give board games a try.

Learn to Play: Download

Rules Reference: Download

Operations Guide: Download


Published by Fantasy Flight Games.

2-3 hours of gameplay. 2-5 player game

Suits ages 14 years and up

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