The Nintendo 64 Anthology - Enhanced Edition

The Nintendo 64 Anthology - Enhanced Edition

Nintendo 64 Anthology

The Nintendo 64 Anthology - Enhanced Edition

Probably the most requested product we have carried is now finally getting its 3rd re-print! We have managed to secure a limited number of these sought after books. They are up for pre-order now, and we estimate them to be shipping by August 2020.


Relive some of the best gaming memories of all time as this book takes us through an unbelievable catalogue of games. The Nintendo 64 Anthology is as complete a document on Nintendo’s beloved console as one could have wished for. It is encyclopaedic with its content, beginning with a full history of the console

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Incredibly, this book includes a write up on every published Nintendo 64 game, with descriptions, box art (and the varying designs for different regions!) and little-known trivia about the games. Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark & Conker's Bad Fur Day anyone?

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