Home Computer Heroes & Full Void

Home Computer Heroes & Full Void

It is Evercade season at the moment and we are pleased to bring you two new releases today...presenting the Home Computer Collection 1 & Full Void!

Pre-orders are now open, with an expect shipping date of 31 October 2023!

Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 - Evercade Cartridge

Discover the Indie Heroes philosophy with Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 for Evercade. Experience seven "modern retro" titles, including Planet X2 and Attack of the PETSCII Robots by The 8-Bit Guy, the official C64 version of Farming Simulator, the first MSX title The Sword of Ianna, and Tanks Furry and Bridge Strike from Amiga demoscene veterans Project R3D. Enjoy classic home computer gaming on Evercade!

Full Void - Evercade Cartridge

In the future, all of humanity has been enslaved by a rogue AI. All? Well, not quite… one brave teenager, scared and alone in this dark dystopia, sets off on a quest to battle for their freedom. Explore beautiful pixel art locales and enjoy hand-drawn animations in Full Void, a gorgeous modern indie title for Evercade, inspired by the cinematic classics of the past.