Dark Souls I, II, and III - Re-pressed!

Dark Souls I, II, and III - Re-pressed!

The Dark Souls games have an enormous following, and have led to the creation of a number of other similar games and franchises too. Notoriously punishing, yet inexplicably addictive, these games are not for the faint of heart. You will need to be prepare to die...alot.

By popular request, we've done a repress of these 3 albums (each on an exclusive colour variant for PixelCrib).

No pre-order needed, these have are in stock and shipping now! 

Dark Souls Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP


In 2009, Dark Souls was unleashed upon an unsuspecting gaming world and would quickly become one of the most critically acclaimed games in all of gaming history, for both it’s punishingly-challenging gameplay and dark, brooding, and often outright terrifying soundtrack by industry legend Motoi Sakuraba.
Long sought-after by casual fans and connoisseurs of the genre alike, this masterpiece of modern gaming has been exclusively repressed in vinyl by SPACELAB9, in conjunction with Bandai Namco games. 

Dark Souls II Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP


Dark Souls II, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s Dark Souls was released with much fanfare in March 2014. As with its predecessor, the intricate and moody score music struck a chord with fans of both composer Motoi Sakuraba and the game franchise, topping many a “best of 2014” list.
A cult fan-favorite from the time of it’s release in 2014, the dark, brooding and often outright terrifying soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba brings the game to life on your turntable.

Dark Souls III Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP 

Upon release in March 2016, Dark Souls III was critically and commercially successful, with critics calling it a worthy and fitting conclusion to the series. The game’s original score was primarily written by Dark Souls II and Bloodborne composer, Yuka Kitamura, and performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Additional music was written by Dark Soulscomposer Motoi Sakuraba, with a single boss theme each by Tsukasa Saitoh and Nobuyoshi Suzuki.