Borderlands 2 Deluxe 4xLP Box Set

Borderlands 2 Deluxe 4xLP Box Set

Bring me a record, and I’ll show you a record! Laced Records and Gearbox Software have peeped in the oven and the extended Borderlands 2 soundtrack on piping hot wax is nearly ready to serve.

The seminal first-person looter-shooter returned in 2012, expanding upon the first game. Players were pitted against the quippiest antagonist of them all, corporate dictator Handsome Jack, as they battled across Pandora to just find that one killer Maliwan Shock Sniper Rifle…

This is an absolute fan-favourite soundtrack, with an iconic Western-tinged, electronic and guitar-driven sound.

The good news for you is that the pre-order shipping date has been moved up!  All orders (including those already placed) will ship from November 15th.

Order yours now and get ready to enjoy this incredible soundtrack.



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